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"Au plus près de vous..." avec un boulanger

24 November

"De la douche mobile au four à pain, l’énergie solaire à concentration se développe"

22 November

National French TV France 3, Nov 12, 2020. Introducing Lytefire 11 (00:02:58-00:04:55)

3 November

"Can Solar Thermal Energy be a Game-Changer? — Part 2"

1 October

"Can Solar Thermal Energy be a Game-Changer?"

1 October

"Un four à pain solaire de 11 m² construit dans la région du Havre, et c’est une première !"

22 September

"so-talk Urs Riggenbach, Lytefire und GoSol.Solar"

4 September

"Saunaing with the sun"

1 September

"Sustainable wellness in the new solar sauna"

11 August

"New development of the Solar Sauna, based on a technology that also helps with sustainability in the developing world"

8 August

We are very happy to have launched a small crowdfunding campaign to support two dynamic guys in Burkina Faso to create a solar bakery and cultural space. Adama Bafiago, an artist and activist, was an early supporter of our first crowdfunding campaign in 2015. He immediately saw the potential (...)

1 April

You need to take 7 minutes and watch this, it’s definitely worth it! Here’s our Chief Operating Officer Urs Riggenbach talking about solar, climate crisis, sustainability and entrepreneurship. "My hope is that we’re not just fixing the carbon issue. We’re fixing, along with this carbon issue, (...)

31 March

Video Message from Eva, chairperson of GoSol / Solar Fire: My hope is not an illusion, it’s real and strong but today I’m sad, and angry. Everybody can have an impact. Wake up. Speak up. .embed-responsive-4by3::before padding-top: (...)

10 February

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