Lytefire in Action: News from the GoSol Community


Our Gift to the World:
The Lytefire Construction Guide Available Now!

Today we release the Lytefire 4 Construction Guide to help solve the climate change crisis. It is immediately available for free on the Website. <a href="//" target="_BLANK"><logo|id_article=882|class=img-thumbnail></a> After (...)

Best Validation Ever in Kenya

For a company, especially an impact company like ours, the best validation comes from the field. Last week, our representative in Kenya, Mr Jared Omondi, sent us the short clip below. It shows one of the pilot solar concentrators we installed in 2017 in the Kisumu area, in Kenya. And... it’s (...)

GoSol showing off in Switzerland

This autumn is so exciting that we didn’t get any chance to blog and share a bit more with you guys !! Some of our GoSol-team came together in Switzerland. This was a good chance to plan our next steps and cook solar meals all together, and also it was a great opportunity to present GoSol next (...)

GoSol Event on 14th of November at ResponsAbility, Zurich

Swiss Impact Investing Network (SIIN) and GoSol are welcoming you to join us for an impact talk on the topic of How to Build a Business Model for Maximum Impact. The event is happening on 14th of November at ResponsAbility headquarters in Zurich, at 18:30. <logo|> Register here: (...)

GoSol on display in Switzerland!

GoSol on display in Switzerland! Solothurn is not known for being the most sunny place in Switzerland – but yesterday it could not have been more perfect for presenting our SOL4 solar concentrator at the HESO 2019. Direct sun and no clouds made it possible: we fried delicious veggie-burgers, (...)

Strike if you wish but more than this: take action.

<logo|center> It is now 7 years since we created Solar Fire and GoSol. As friends, we are more than happy. Our team is still united no matter what. We overcame hundreds of challenges together, and we’re still here. Older, tougher, wiser hopefully, and enthusiastic. As sustainable (...)

Several GoSol Events are happening in Switzerland this September

Read in German We are excited to extend our invites for two events that will happen in Switzerland this September. Since a few days we have an additional Team Member with us here in Solothurn, Switzerland, and we’re busy completing a SO<L5 solar concentrator . After recent (...)

Solar Entrepreneurship: GoSol’s SOL5s maximise profits
for cashew nuts producers

The Best Agri Products Processing Cooperative (Bappco) is a busy hive of activity. Six days a week the men and (mostly) women of Bappco are hard at work processing cashews. The amount of attention that they pay to each individual cashew is really impressive. If you’ve ever wondered why cashews (...)

This was TBLI Conference Zurich 2019

Last month I attended the TBLI Conference in Zurich. The conference brought together impact investors and companies with a commitment for real impact. This was certainly one of the best conferences I’ve attended. Many participants shared in the impact-maximizing spirit, ready to learn about (...)

Forest Trends about GoSol in the Amazon

We started our cooperation with Forest Trends last year in the Amazon with the Surui. Today, the US based NGO reported that "The pilot installation of the SOL5 GoSol unit for drying the babaçu mesocarp [tree nuts] has significantly reduced from 4 days to 5,5 hours." We are clearly going to (...)

Solar charcoal, cashew nuts process and new evolutions

Prototyping: beautiful (sometimes frustrating) and creative (sometimes repetitive trial and error iteration) prototyping! Building innovative new solutions to problems presented to us by our partner and their stakeholders on the ground. We’re in a very interesting phase here on the outskirts of (...)

Partner spotlight: CarbonCycle Processing Inc.

Writing to you from the Philippines, we’re entering the most exciting phase of this collaboration. The construction of 4 Sol5 units is complete, and now we’re testing, prototyping and training end users with the new applications we’ve built. I thought this would be a good time to share more about (...)

Impact Finland next week

I’m very excited and happy to represent my team at the InnoFrugal 2019 pitching contest on May 7th and to be invited as a speaker at Waves Festival. In Finland, "social entrepreneurship" is connected to "social service". The culture of impact (start-up, companies, investment) is almost starting (...)

Sometimes it only takes a poem, a garden and a few heroes.
A note from Oxford, Skoll World Forum.

I’m here, in the garden of Rhodes House, in Oxford. After three days only, I’m already adapted to this old town where so many amazing people have studied and lived, for the best and the worst. I’m missing our garden so much. One of the things we had to leave behind when we picked Finland to root (...)

GoSol’s Guest Lecture at University of California, Berkeley

In February 2019 we kicked-off a collaboration with UC Berkeley’s MDP department, focused on modeling the impact the GoSol solution can have at a global scale. As part of the cooperation, Eerik and I were invited to present a guest lecture to the master students. Our lecture covered our lessons (...)

Grand Challenges of Sustainability

I’m honoured and happy to be invited by the Lappeenranta University of Technology to be part of the panel discussion on Grand Challenges of Sustainability. There is much to say and I look forward a very creative discussion! The panel concludes a MSc course on the topic focusing, such as the (...)

Why GoSol

This is a key reading to understand our work and our vision. This text is a short version of a much longer text that unpacks all the arguments with calculations and sources. However, since climate change is accelerating, we feel it is better to publish and share this version in the meantime. (...)

"You have the energy right over your head, so you have to utilize it"

This is an interview with Derrick, one of the youth mentors at the Gulu SmartUp Factory, Uganda. In the video, he discusses why entrepreneurs need to be dynamic, the health and economics of polluting heat sources like charcoal or wood and some hopes for the future. The students here in Gulu (...)

USTP’s Innovation Summit 2019 in the Philippines

Last week I was honoured to be invited as a speaker to the 2nd Innovation Summit 2019 hosted by The University of Science and Technology of the Southern Philippines (USTP) who’s now our partner. The two day event was filled with sessions from industry, government and academe. I spoke on the (...)

"I want to be one of the youths who are job creators"

Meet Angella, one of the young women at SmartUp Factory Tororo who participated in our solar entrepreneurship education training. Angella was one of the most enthusiastic bakers in the group, always with a big smile on her face. She participated regularly in the roundtable discussions about (...) starting in the Philippines

I’m extremely excited to be travelling to the Philippines to work with our new client and partner, CarbonCycle. I’ve never been anywhere in Asia and to be able to travel to such a tropical paradise and leave behind the -15C depths of Canadian winter makes this trip extra special. I’ve rented (...)

CEO impact events : SDG’s workshop in Helsinki and Skoll forum

Yesterday I have attended a nice workshop about SDG’s organised by Finnpartnership and Beam. It’s really great that impact is spreading in Finland because the country is a bit behind compared to other Nordic neighbours. Soon a UNTIL lab will also work with companies and UN Global compact will (...)

"I’m enjoying being in business and I believe I’ll prosper"

Meet Janet from SmartUp Factory Gulu Hub in Uganda. Janet was one of the most energetic participants of our solar entrepreneurship education package, always asking questions and clarifying, volunteering and speaking up. She took special interest in book keeping and went on to become the groups (...)

Our Experience with +Impact by Danske Bank

Since a few months we are part of the +impact platform created by Danske Bank and we wanted to share our experience with that. Many tools and incubation services exist for-startups, and through our journey we saw that very often they are more marketing tools and social networking buzz than (...)