We’re coming to your doorstep!

Posted 30 March 2020 by Eva Wissenz.

Last Christmas, as an act of faith in people’s empowerment and in our solution to play a significant role in climate change crisis resolution, we have released in open source and for free the construction manual of one of our solar concentrator.

Since then, the successful GoSol’s prototypes became Lytefire products that you can now pre-order through our on-going campaign. So, basically, you could have one in your backyard!!

We have decided to run this campaign with multiple goals because so many populations need what we have to offer! Poor bakers in West Africa, Smart Up Factory project in Uganda with Plan International, middle class Europeans willing to go off grid to power their ecological bakery or offer a true sustainable option to a well-being activity with a carbon neutral solar sauna, you name it! You can support one of these sub-campaigns and/or pre-order your unit (the more pre-orders, the more investors will be likely to identify that we are a powerful solution to mitigate climate change crisis).

On top of the solar concentrators, our expertise is in education. We have created since 2018 a powerful training to help users to become successful solar entrepreneurs in vulnerable region. This training was implemented first with the NGO Plan International in Uganda (check full project here).

Now the Covid-19 is harming us, as it’s harming many social impact enterprises, and we came up with 2 solutions:
1) Our construction manual is now at a sliding scale (pick your price, it’s up to you!)
2) Since we probably wont be able to travel in a while, we are crowdfunding to create on-line educational material because yes, nothing can’t stop us and if we can’t travel to train people, we’ll come right to your doorstep then!!

Please share the message and support us!!https://lytefire.com/stream


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