Lytefire - Fire from Sunlight

We make clean energy affordable for all with solar thermal concentration.
For a fair and liveable future.




This campaign exists because we are on a journey to make the energy from direct solar concentration the new normal.

We are crowdfunding now with a multidimensional campaign because it’s a climate change CRISIS and we want to accelerate the global spread of a proven and powerful solution.

Make a long lasting sustainable impact and support one entrepreneur to go solar, push the limits of solar with pioneers, pre-order your Lytefire 5, build yourself or support the creation of more online material, donate directly to our project with Plan International, or invest in a Climate Victory Bond.

Spreading Lytefire built locally with local materials together with powerful educational material can empower millions and have an amazing impact.

In 2019, IPCC scientists stated that we have 12 years to miminize climate change caused by humans activities.
We have to hurry.

We are a Finnish social and impact family company. Our international and passionate team is working in the field in 12+ countries since a decade to refine a powerful and locally built solar thermal device.

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Get the Lytefire 4 Construction Guide and Online Tutorials

A unique construction manual is available online.
Available immediately
We are starting a series of short tutorials.


Which entrepreneurs willing to go solar are you going to support today?

Lytefire solar concentrators can replace firewood, charcoal and fossils.
The solar concentrator enables income-generating activities for entrepreneurs.

Burkina Faso: create a solar bakery

Support a rural bakery switching from daily firewood burning to clean solar energy! Support Adama and Issaka’s solar bakery project.

Burkina Faso: support women empowerment

Crowdfund a local solar bakery owned by the Ghoghin Women’s Group. They want to improve livelihoods and reduce emissions.

Check how we support entrepreneurs

With this 2min video you’ll see how we have been supporting entrepreneurs so far to make their living with clean energy.

Push the Limits of Solar with Lytefire Pionieers.

Learn and support innovative projects developing new applications.
So much is possible with Lytefire. And it’s happening in Europe as well.

Switzerland: Solar Sauna

In the Swiss Alps, Lytefire is powering a Solar Sauna at an altitude of 2000 meters.

France: Solar Baking and Nuts Roasting for healthy treats

Support a local organic bakery business using Lytefire in Normandy.


Pre-Order your Lytefire 5

For your business or your backyard, Lytefire 5 is availabe in 3 different flavours, shipping in 2020.

Lytefire 5 Oven

Bake at the same temperatures, speed and quantity of a commercial oven!

  • Can bake up to 40 kilograms of bread per day
  • Perfect for cakes, cookies, scones
  • Up to 300°C baking temperature
  • Even heat distribution for high quality bakes
  • Immune to blackouts and brownouts
  • No fuel costs

Lytefire 5 Roaster

Because there is no actual fire, there are no hot spots that char the nuts! There are no combustion residues either, just pure roasted flavour.

  • Can roast Peanut, Coffee, Cocoa / Cacao, Cashew and more.
  • No more burnt taste
  • Regulated temperature
  • Roasts up to 50kg per day of peanuts
  • No fuel costs

The dedicated roaster has a higher roasting capacity than the multi, so it is worthwhile if there are no baking needs.

Lytefire Multi

The Lytefire Multi is the best options for entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who want mainly to bake, but also want to pop in the roaster drum and roast some tasty roastables.

  • Get the best of both functions: Roaster & Oven
  • Bakes up to 35 kilograms of bread per day
  • Roasts up to 35 kilograms of peanuts per day
  • Roasts gently and evenly (no more scorching)
  • No fuel costs


If you are in East and West Africa, contact us for shorter term delivery.

How to Join the Lytefire Campaign

Pre-order Lytefire 5

Put money down to get your Lytefire in 2020.



Buy Climate Victory Bonds to invest in a liveable future.



Sponsor our free and open guides, empowering people around the world.


Donate directly to our non-profit partners to implement Lytefire.

→ Click here to view our free construction guides!

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Donate to our project with Plan International in Uganda

If you wish to support an association, you can donate directly to the NGO Plan International and help spread Lytefire in Uganda.

We partner with non-profits who have ongoing local presence, relationships and programs to build skills for sustainable livelihoods. Our partnership with Plan International started in 2018 when we launched training youths to become solar entrepreneurs.

Better access to cleaner energy is only part of a broader solution to poverty. It is also essential to build the critical skills to maintain our technology, learn how to bake or roast, and learn the fundamentals of how to run a business. Finally, entrepreneurial success for new businesses should be supported by monitoring and coaching.

Donate on the project page


Invest in Climate Victory Bonds

Massive action is needed to set the world on a pathway to fix the climate, be sustainable, and solve poverty. With the climate bond we are enabling investments to maximize the impact of Lytefire. Viral, local solar thermal can deliver a large scale energy shift in the short time we have to minimize the damage of climate change. Click here to learn more about investments.


We are on a mission to solve climate change and energy poverty
while accelerating the adoption of clean and decentralized energy for all.


Lytefire is an initiative to maximize the impact of solar thermal energy. It was initiated by the GoSol Team in 2020, after fully developing and piloting our solar technology on 4 continents. With Lytefire, we are offering our products on pre-order and we are releasing open source construction guides to support the global adoption of our technology.

Lytefire and GoSol are run by Solar Fire Concentration Oy, a Finnish social and impact enterprise created in 2012 in Tampere, Finland.

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