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Corona Update

If we can’t travel to train people, we’ll come right to your doorstep.

The covid-19 pandemic has locked down our main work of spreading Lytefire in projects globally. So now, more than ever, it is time time to share our knowledeg online and empower people to build their own solar concentrators.

By purchasing our online material you get immediate access to the Lytefire 4 construction guide and the first tutorial. And you support us in creating and sharing with you the next batch of high-quality video tutorials. See the amazing quality material below!

Since we embarked on this journey to decentralize access to clean energy globally we’ve worked and built solar concentrators in over 12+ countries!

Our project managers have taken hours of footage in this process, explaining everything that’s needed to know about Lytefire 4. In parallel we have creted a graphical construction guide allowing anyone to build the technology.

It is now possible to buy the access to the construction guide and first tutorial. Please check below to see the quality of the content:

Guide Lytefire 4
Check our amazing guide. It’s super complete for you to build your own solar concentrator.
We are creating a series of powerful tutorial videos to show you how to use, maintain and build Lytefire 4.

Why Lytefire 4

The Lytefire 4 was designed with versatility, comfort and power in mind. 2000W of heat up to approximately 350°C are delivered to a waist-high cooking surface. That’s enough to boil 8L of water in 30 minutes, or cook for 20 people at a time.

The user is far enough away from the mirrors that a shade or umbrella can protect them from the heat of the sun.

The focal point, or hotspot, of the solar concentrator can accommodate a wide variety of cookware, but it can power a lot more than just cooking: it can power for example an oven, a roaster, a dehydrator or a pasteurizer (the cooktop is included in the Lytefire 4 Construction Guide).

The size of the concentrator can be increased or decreased (the heat output changes accordingly) to suit individual needs and the materials used for construction are basic metal and glass parts that are available in any larger town no matter if you are based in Southern Africa or Northern Europe.

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Purchase now the access to the Lytefire 4 construction guide and first tutorial video!

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