The Future of GoSol, Lytefire and Solar Fire

Posted 26 décembre 2019 by Urs Riggenbach.

Longtime followers will know that we started as Solar Fire and then created GoSol in order to take our experience in solar thermal energy and apply it to real world entrepreneurs. Solar Fire continues to be our engineering arm and is the legal name of our business.

GoSol is our main communication hub and most people now know us through GoSol. GoSol will continue to be our main outlet for news and updates from the different projects we run, especially in education. GoSol also keeps attracting new NGO clients and education partners, and you can learn more about this on the education page.

Now that the technology has matured into a product this represents a huge impact potential and scale-up pathway in and of itself. Thus we decided to launch it with a new brand, Lytefire, to really do justice to the amazing potential it has. With Lytefire we can now really see how millions of entrepreneurs in the developiung world and emerging market can go solar, make a better living and make the world more sustainable.


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