What is Lytefire 5?

It’s solar energy concentrator using 5m² of mirrors for pro and semi-pro use, intended for food cooking activities, such as baking or roasting. Its power is equivalent to that of a wood-fired oven.

The heat is drawn directly from solar radiation. Sunlight reflected by mirrors converge on a pane of glass which allows the sunshine to enter the oven.

The heat is then diffused by convection. The mirror system is designed to follow the path of the sun during the day.

The Lytefire 5 & 11 Deluxe are fabricated in France according to EU standards.

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- Prevent 5 tons CO² emissions / year when used 6h / day, 210 days / year in a sunny country like Kenya.
- Fabrication carbon footprint in EU : 2 tons of CO²
- Footprint necessary to ensure the rotation of the oven throughout the day: 6 x 9 m
- Operating temperature: 300 ° C max
- Thermal power: 3.5 kW
- Heating time: 45 min to 1 hour (dependant on sunshine)
- Amount of bread that can be baked per batch: 24 kg / batch
- Number of batches per day: 5 to 8 batches / day depending on the season **
- Assembly / disassembly time: 30 min x 2

* These data are provided for information only, they depend on know-how, type of production, quality of settings, etc.
** Valid in Normandy, seasonal variations will be less pronounced further south


- 100% free energy
- Zero fossil / biomass energy to use
- Mobile (on trailer, or not)
- Autonomous (no electricity or fuel supply)
- Modular (see options)
- Simple and inexpensive maintenance

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In order for the oven to heat up, it is necessary to align the mirror area of concentration with the receiver glass of the oven. To follow the course of the sun, it is necessary to change the orientation of the mirrors every 10 minutes or so. For the craftsman, it is also an opportunity to control the cooking. It has a Bluetooth connected thermometer with 4 probes (Android app).

The adjustment is quick, simple and manual.

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The oven can be delivered on a trailer, provided with a registration document. It was designed to be assembled and disassembled without tools. The parts are independent of each other, which makes them easy to handle. For optimal use of the oven, it is important to position it on level ground.

- Assembly time: 30 minutes
- Disassembly time: 25 minutes
- Heaviest element to handle: 15 kg

The oven is designed to be used and stored outdoors. All materials are corrosion resistant. It comes with a tarpaulin to protect it when dismantled.

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Made of food grade stainless steel, the internal surfaces of the oven can be maintained with food surface cleaning products. Designed without electronics, the system contains few wearing parts. In the event of breakage, the parts (mirror, support) can be replaced easily.

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Lytefire 5 Oven - Trailer Deluxe


Oven Roaster Multi


Basic Trailer


5 sqm 11 sqm


- +

Oven: Bake delicious breads, pastries, cookies, up to 7kg of bread per hour! All with direct solar energy.

Trailer: This unit is fully mobile, wiht an integrated trailer to hook up to any vehicle wiht a standard trailer's hitch.

Size 5: Five square meters of mirror power this solar concentrator. It delivers 3.5kW of thermal energy.