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What can you do with Lytefire 11 Deluxe?

  • Use only direct concentrated sun ray, no energy costs
  • 100 kg to 210 kg of fresh bread every day (if you need less performance, check Lytefire 5)
  • Roasting, between 100 kg and 300 kg per month
  • Up to 500 buns or cookies
  • Pizzas, pies, cakes, quiches
  • Brioches, croissants, all kind of delicious "viennoiseries"
  • Can also be used as a regular cooking oven

Lytefire Deluxe is for established entrepreneurs, hôtels, camping, schools, festival, associations or pioneer entrepreneurs starting with a new sustainable business model for solar baking and/or solar roasting.

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Arnaud Crétot and his daily solar baking in France. (c) Emma Prodosci

Technical Specifications:

  • Uses only direct concentrated sun ray, no fuel costs
  • Produces 7500 Watts of thermal energy
  • Reaches up to 900°C, 240°C inside the oven after 1 hour
  • Weight once packed and with transportation box: 1 800 kg
  • No automated tracking: you need to slightly turn the Lytefire 11 every 10 mins to follow the sun
  • Contains 11 square meters of mirror
  • Requires a sunny flat space of at least 8 meters of diameter in which to operate with no shade
  • Easy to clean: only water and soap to clean the mirrors
  • If properly built and painted, the Lytefire 11 will last about 19 years

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A Lytefire 11 installed at a bakery in Normandy, France. Ask for our technical specifications PDF.

Check out how Lytefire 11 Deluxe works!


  • You need a clear blue sky for the Lytefire to work. If it’s a fresh spring day, a hot summer morning or a sunny winter afternoon, the Lytefire 11 can be used whenever there is direct sunshine.
  • Diffuse radiation do not work and in cloudy weather, there is no direct radiation.
  • The mirrors array should be dismantled and/or stored indoor in case of heavy storm / hail storm.


  • As for any stove or fire, you do not leave the device unattended.
  • When you are done building, we recommend you perform the burning stick test to your family so everybody can actually see the actual power of your solar concentrator
  • Wearing sunglasses while cooking is recommended
  • After usage, always turn down all mirrors to completely turn off the concentration.

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Lytefire is powerful. The use of the solar oven and solar roaster is at your own risk. Please follow carefully the safety instructions that are listed on our Terms and on the contract with our local suppliers. Thank you.

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