We grow to empower people and decarbonize economies.

The Lytefire solar thermal technology is meant to empower entrepreneurs, create sustainable jobs, support local stability and create more circular and functionnal service economy while contributing to minimizing the damage of climate change.

Lytefire is a brand of Solar Fire Concentration ltd, a Finnish based company. We are an impact company with strong family ties. We grow through an ecosystem of partnerships to empower people (users and partners) locally with Lytefire.

Fraser Symington

We are on a mission solve energy poverty in the Global South with Lytefire solar tech and empower people with trainings to create sustainable jobs. The Lytefire as you see is the result of years of development by passionate people on the ground and engineers. The technology is based on the pioneering solar innovations of Mr Fraser Symington (1920-2014).

Learn more about our model of decentralized solar economy.


Solar Fire Team and Board

Urs Riggenbach

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Board Director
& Co-Founder

Represents the company. In charge of growth, licenses and investment. Follows operations and engages as needed.
urs.riggenbach@solarfire.io LinkedIn

Eva Wissenz

Managing Director (MD), Deputy CEO, Chairperson of the board & Founder
Happily in charge of general management, partnerships, communications, education, sales, marketing, investment, IP, HR, strategy, license.
eva.wissenz@solarfire.io LinkedIn

Lorin Symington

Chief Operations Officer (COO), Board Director
& Co-Founder

In charge of implementation of all projects. Improving the Lytefire tech in developing countries and working on developing new applications and models.
lorin.symington@solarfire.io LinkedIn

Will Cleaver

Board Director & Co-Founder
Design Officer (mission based)
will.cleaver@solarfire.io LinkedIn

Susanne Müller

Board Director & Investor
Founder and CEO of MII GmbH, Germany

Elise Hauters

Board Advisor
Co-Manager at CPM Industries, France

Arnaud Crétot

Chief Innovation
& Tech Officer (CI&TO)
& Co-Founder

Innovation for the EU and software development. Runs NeoLoco bakery, 1st solar bakery in EU using Lytefire.
arnaud.cretot@solarfire.io LinkedIn

Judith Bernet

Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Projects coordination, Grants & Foundations
Finances, grants and relationships with foundations as well as project coordination with the COO.

Muriel Fuhrer

Lead Information Officer
Managing IT, websites
& communication with CEO and MD
muriel.fuhrer@solarfire.io LinkedIn

Samuel Rodrigues

Projects Management
& Trainer in Africa

Implementing projects with NGOs
in East and West Africa (mission based)

Joan Arwa Ogwang

Country Representative in Kenya
Contributing to projects with local helpers. Finding leads and promoting Lytefire. 1st Solar Bakery in Kenya using Lytefire.
joan.arwa@solarfire.io LinkedIn

Martin Pouabidjie

Country Representative in Burkina Faso
Contributing to projects with local helpers. Finding leads and promoting Lytefire.

Jared Omondi

Technician in Kenya
Working with us since 2016. Runs workshop in Kenya.

Hanna Williams

(mission based)

Callum McRobbie

(mission based)

Lucas Prieur

(mission based)

Allen Wilson Odongo

Baking Trainer
In Uganda (mission based)

Hashimu Sinahela

Baking Trainer
In Tanzania (mission based)

Auriina Korhonen

Executive Assistant
Foundations and grants process, Finnish administration (part-time)

Pitamber Véret Chang

Communications Assistant
Works on communication and digital material creation (part-time)

Augustin Tagnabou

In Burkina Faso (part-time)

Augustine Olowo

In Uganda (part-time)

Timothée Boisseau

Innovation assistant
Works on software development with CTO (part-time)
timothee.boisseau@solarfire.io LinkedIn