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Nice solar bakery training in Kakuma

Posted 2 May 2023 by Joan Arwa Ogwang.

Coming back to Don Bosco Institute Kakuma(DBIK) after the first training, we were so pleased to find that the institution had a fully operational bakery with all the bookkeeping in order and the channels of purchase and sales were well structured.

The baker Mr. Yona has been keeping up with the buns and cake demands since they now make and sell buns, cakes and bread to friends from nearby institutions.

Mr. Yona DBIK Baker mixing the ingredients to bake buns for the day demand.

On this third training we had very disciplined trainees who showed love for baking and they were committed to learn anything they could about the Lytefire 5 ovens. We baked lots of cake , cupcakes, buns,Peanuts ,cookies and enjoyed ourselves while at it. We had really jovial moments during this training, the trainees sung songs and cheered each other as they prepared the cake batter by hand (we all know the sugar and margarine step is hard and some good elbow grease is needed).

Joan Arwa SFCO trainer and most of her trainees from DBIK.

I am forever touched and humbled by how easily everyone from this community share food or anything edible. I think that was my culture shock in Kakuma and I loved watching how anyone could just dig into a plate of food uninvited and they sometimes did not even know each other. Solar Fire Concentration company clearly has done a remarkable job to spread its support to the will of sharing and availing food to many through Don Bosco Institute Kakuma.


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