Invest in Climate Victory Bonds

Massive action is needed to set the world on a pathway to fix the climate, be sustainable generally, and solve poverty.

Want a investment opportunity in your portfolio tied ot the resolution of Climate Change? So that you and/or your progenity will still be alive to enjoy all your other investments? Climate Victory Bonds are for you!

Viral, local solar thermal can deliver large scale energy shift without international political agreement (which would be good ... but doesn’t seem in the cards at the moment, so we came up with this!).

The investments raised retroactively finances the Lytefire 4 construction guide that we’ve already released, so you invest in what you can already see. If this works, if the world wants these free guides, we’ll do it again with the next designs.

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Climate Victory Bonds retroactively finance the Lytefire 4 R&D and fabrication guide such that millions of entrepreneurs can tap into the power of the sun. Such financing puts us in a position to create and release the Lytefire 5 guides also publically to repeat the recipee.

What it is?

Climate Victory Bonds pay for the Lytefire 4 guide that we’ve already released! You can inspect where your money goes and decide if it’s good value for money on behalf of humanity. We have fronted the funds and time for the R&D and guide design and creation, and are doing this retrospective investing so that we are 100% sure of being able to keep our promises.

If you and enough other people invest in the Lytefire 4 guide, we’ll repeat this with the Lytefire 5 and applications.

If you want to support but prefer some shoutout on the guide, then sponsorship, below, is for you.

The Lytefire Climate Victory Bond is a 0% interest loan with a repayment maturity tied to the resolution of the global climate chaos problem. In quantitative terms, the loan will be repaid after 4 years of consecutive decrease in global atmospheric green-house-gas emissions. Bonds will be paid out quarterly, over a period of 3 years with the sum total of the bonds purchased divided into twelve equal tranches.

Where does the money go?

The money goes to cover the costs, along with Sponsorship, of the construction guide we have already released. Therefore, you can already see what you are investing in. By recovering the cost of the first construction guide we can then release the next. By proceeding in this way we are never receiving money for promises.

Is it really worth it?

Watch our videos, check out our interviews with end users, and reflect on what it would be like to live a life of energy poverty. Download the Lytefire 4 stove-top cooker and decide for yourself if it’s worth the investment and if you want to see more such guides in the future for our existing oven, roaster, dehydrator, pyrolyser and the Lytefire 5 and other base concentrators.

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Climate Bonds:

  • Finance the creation of construction guides
  • Climate Victory Bond is repayed after 4 years of consecutive global decrease in green house gas emmissions.
  • 0% interest

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