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Massive action is needed to set the world on a pathway to fix the climate, be sustainable, and solve poverty. With the climate bond we are enabling investments to maximize the impact of Lytefire. Viral, local solar thermal can deliver a large scale energy shift in the short time we have to minimize the damage of climate change.

The Lytefire Climate Victory Bond is a 0% interest loan with a repayment maturity tied to the resolution of the global climate change problem. In quantitative terms, the loan will be repaid after 4 years of consecutive decrease in global atmospheric green-house-gas emissions. Bonds will be paid out quarterly, over a period of 3 years with the sum total of the bonds purchased divided into twelve equal tranches.

The money goes to cover the costs, along with Sponsorship, of creating construction guides, empowering enetrepreneurs and scaling our model globally to maximize impact.

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Climate Bonds:

  • Investment to maximize the impact of Lytefire.
  • Climate Victory Bond is repayed after 4 years of consecutive global decrease in green house gas emmissions.
  • 0% interest

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Which entrepreneurs willing to go solar are you going to support today?

Lytefire solar concentrators can replace firewood, charcoal and fossils.
The solar concentrator enables income-generating activities for entrepreneurs.

Burkina Faso: create a solar bakery

Support a rural bakery switching from daily firewood burning to clean solar energy! Support Adama and Issaka’s solar bakery project.

Burkina Faso: support women empowerment

Crowdfund a local solar bakery owned by the Ghoghin Women’s Group. They want to improve livelihoods and reduce emissions.

Check how we support entrepreneurs

With this 2min video you’ll see how we have been supporting entrepreneurs so far to make their living with clean energy.