Lytefire - Fire from Sunlight

Lytefire is the name for the solar concentrators built by the company Solar Fire Concentration Ltd, a Finnish impact engineering company created in 2012 in Tampere, Finland. Our goal is to maximize the impact of solar thermal energy.



Lytefire Products

Lytefire 5 is a solar light concentrator generating heat and reaching high temperatures. It can be used to power bakeries, to do commercial food processing such as roasting, but it is also great for personal use. Choose yours and contact us to know more!

Lytefire 5 Oven

Bake at the same temperatures, speed and quantity of a commercial oven!
  • Can bake up to 40 kilograms of bread per day
  • Perfect for cakes, cookies, scones
  • Up to 300°C baking temperature
  • Even heat distribution for high quality bakes
  • Immune to blackouts and brownouts
  • No fuel costs

Lytefire 5 Roaster

Because there is no actual fire, there are no hot spots that char the nuts! There are no combustion residues either, just pure roasted flavour.
  • Can roast Peanut, Coffee, Cocoa / Cacao, Cashew and more.
  • No more burnt taste
  • Regulated temperature
  • Roasts up to 50kg per day of peanuts
  • No fuel costs
The dedicated roaster has a higher roasting capacity than the multi, so it is worthwhile if there are no baking needs.

Lytefire Multi

The Lytefire Multi is the best options for entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who want mainly to bake, but also want to pop in the roaster drum and roast some tasty roastables.
  • Get the best of both functions: Roaster & Oven
  • Bakes up to 35 kilograms of bread per day
  • Roasts up to 35 kilograms of peanuts per day
  • Roasts gently and evenly (no more scorching)
  • No fuel costs

Lytefire is a powerful, commercial solar concentrator. Contact us for more information.

Lytefire 4 Construction Guide

Build yourself and gain experience in solar thermal energy.

Click below to learn more about our construction guide.

Lytefire Services

Lytefire creates a positive impact. With GoSol we run an education program to spread Lytefire globally. If you are interested to build yourself, check out our DIY construction guide.

If you're an NGO or institution and you want to benefit from the positive impact of Lytefire, contact us right now because with GoSol we do is precisely this: We deliver educational packages to train people to become solar entrepreneurs.

  • We offer educational trainings to create solar entrepreneurs
  • Creates green jobs, reduces youth unemployment
  • Creates daily fuel savings
  • Reduces CO2 emissions


Support Entrepreneurs To Go Solar

Lytefire solar concentrators can replace firewood, charcoal and fossils.
The solar concentrator enables income-generating activities for entrepreneurs. Help us support these entrepreneurs with our GoSol-Crowdfunders.

Burkina Faso: support women empowerment

Crowdfund a local solar bakery owned by the Ghoghin Women’s Group. They want to improve livelihoods and reduce emissions.

Burkina Faso: create a solar bakery

Support a rural bakery switching from daily firewood burning to clean solar energy! Support Adama and Issaka’s solar bakery project.

Check how we support entrepreneurs

With this 2min video you’ll see how we have been supporting entrepreneurs so far to make their living with clean energy.

Lytefire Solar Concentrator News and Press

"Ce boulanger indépendant confectionne son pain dans un four solaire"

27 May

La boulangerie solaire - NeoLoco

2 May

"Avec son four révolutionnaire, Lydiane Tirel met du soleil dans vos apéritifs" (print)

28 April

"Ce boulanger cuit son pain dans un four solaire"

14 April

"Avec NeoLoco, l’artisanat solaire germe dans l’Hexagone"

6 February

Dear Friends, Clients, Partners, Followers and Supporters, In 2020, the Lytefire Solar Sauna and the Lytefire Solar Oven have been featured in 32 articles in the media in France, Switzerland, Finland, Germany and USA. National newspapers as well as national TV shows :) Thank you for your (...)

12 January

"Solar Fire Concentration for #SolariseHeat"

9 December 2020

After melting delicious cheese with 400° of solar power at the Lytefire Sauna it’s time to cool down in Heuberge’s ice-covered lake! We’re always ready to develop new ways to tap into the power of the sun. Now it’s possible to use the Solar Sauna not just to sauna but also to make "Racelette" (...)

4 December 2020

"Au plus près de vous..." avec un boulanger

24 November 2020


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