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The Lytefire 4 has the amazing tendency to bring people together wherever it’s built. Spend awesome days in the sun with family and friends, cook and grill amazing food and grow your independence with this new source of energy!

Anyone can build Lytefire 4 with our easy step-by-step material!

Build it yourself:
With our video tutorials and online construction guide!

The Lytefire 4 Guide
Check our amazing Lytefire 4 Stovetop guide. Build a solar concentrator to cook, boil, fry, purify water, pan-roast coffee and even brew it!
The Video Tutorials
This video content makes building your own solar concentrator easy and intuitive. Learn how to use, maintain and build Lytefire 4.

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Why online material?

Since we embarked on this journey to decentralize access to clean energy globally we’ve worked and built solar concentrators in over 12+ countries! Our project managers have taken hours of footage in this process, explaining everything that’s needed to know about Lytefire 4. In parallel we have creted a graphical construction guide allowing anyone to build the technology.

The Lytefire 4 in action - here it’s used in freezing cold Finland in November - of course it works anywhere else there’s sun!

The user is far enough away from the mirrors that a shade or umbrella can protect them from the heat of the sun.

The focal point, or hotspot, of the solar concentrator can accommodate a wide variety of cookware, but it can power a lot more than just cooking: it can power for example an oven, a roaster, a dehydrator or a pasteurizer (the cooktop is included in the Lytefire 4 Construction Guide).

The size of the concentrator can be increased or decreased (the heat output changes accordingly) to suit individual needs and the materials used for construction are basic metal and glass parts that are available in any larger town no matter if you are based in Southern Africa or Northern Europe.

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Lytefire 4 - Specs

The standard application for the Lytefire 4 is the cooktop also known as the upward reflector. The upward reflector redirects the rays of the sun upwards to strike the bottom of a pot, wok, frying pan, small oven, or kettle.

Technical Specs
  • Produces 2000 Watts of thermal energy
  • Reaches up to 350°C / 662°F
  • Width: 2m,length: 3m, height: 2m
  • Contains 4 square meters of mirror
  • Requires a sunny space at least
    4.5 meters in which to operate
  • No fuel costs
Applications / Uses:

Lytefire 4 is a solar stove. With it you can:

  • Roast raw coffee beans, and brew coffee
  • Cook for 20 people and fry 25 eggs in 5 minutes
  • Make pancakes, bacon and hash browns for 20 people
  • Make crepe, jams, jellies and marmalade
  • Cook up a big stir-fry
  • Bake small quantities of bread
  • Pasteurise and preserve excess produce
  • Make big quantities tomato sauce after harvest season
  • Bake pizzas, banana bread or even cookies
  • Pan-roast nuts like almonds, peanuts, cashews

The cooking surface and focal point are at a convenient waist-high height and you are far enough from the mirrors so that you can stay cool using a big beach umbrella while cooking.

It’s perfect for your back yard, community garden or eco village. When people come together around sustainable energy and good food, great things happen! Create an immersive educational experience for fairs, festivals, schools and camp sites, or just have a great time with your friends in the sun!

We have done so many things with the Lytefire 4. You can build (or repurpose) a small oven, roaster or dehydrator which can be mounted on the upward reflector, or replace the upward reflector entirely to power something else. For example to make pizzas we used an off-the-shelf pizza stone and just mounted it on top of the upward reflector with a large lid to create top-heat. We measured temperatures up to 400°C on that rock!

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Corona Update

If we can’t travel to train people, we’ll come right to your doorstep.

The covid-19 pandemic has locked down our main work of spreading Lytefire in projects globally. So now, more than ever, it is time time to share our knowledge online and empower people to build their own solar concentrators.

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