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If we can’t travel to train people, we’ll come right to your doorstep then.

Since we decided to solve energy poverty and decentralize access to clean energy for all, we have been working in 12+ countries, working and building solar concentrators.

Our Project Managers have hours of footage. Along the journey, we have released a bit already through our humanitarian branch GoSol. But we have this dream of creating powerful solar thermal educational content to empower all. Because of the coronavirus our activity is slowing down so now is the moment to share and open source all our knowledge - and we need you to make it happen!


Check our amazing Lytefire 4 guide. It’s super complete for you to build your own solar concentrator. We can release the next guide "Lytefire 5" soon.
We can create a series of powerful tutorial videos to show you how to build your solar sauna.
Our unique training for NGO’s combines education about solar energy, recipes, and the basis of entrepreneurship. We want to create a module that can be shared with NGO’s.

Crowdfunding Goals

Goal 1: 15 000 Euros - New guide and sauna vids

We’ll release our next construction guide and a series of 4 solar sauna building videos. Check our tutorial sample to see the quality stuff we have here!

Goal 2: 30 000 Euros - Special guides and extended tutorials

We want to release 2 more constructions guides about different applications and a series of additional tutorial videos to build your own Lytefire unit in extreme conditions.

Goal 3: 55 000 Euros - At distance training

If we reach this goal, we can create the at-distance training package for solar entrepreneurs.
How would it look like?

  • Introduction to solar energy and the potential of solar thermal for micro-entrepreneurs and SME’s
  • Basics to become a successful solar entrepreneur: accounting, marketing, sales
  • How to set up and maintain your Lytefire unit
  • Recipes of organic baking adapted to your location / cultural food habits

This content is based on the educational trainings we are giving to NGO’s like Plan International’s Smart Up Factory in 2019 for example, with sponsorship from Autodesk Foundation.

Check the project in Uganda on GoSol, here

Goal 4: 110 000 Euros - All our knowledge + on-line assistance

We can create video tutorials for 3 additional applications already developed and used in the field: solar oven, solar roaster, solar food dryer and develop a dynamic platform to support builders and solar entrepreneurs at distance in their journey towards energy autonomy!


Give and Get!

No matter what you contribute, you’ll get one Lytefire 4 guide + your name / alias in all our up-coming on-line material.

Goal 1

18 day since start

40 € raised

30 000 € goal

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