LIFT Economy

Posted 24 January 2023 by Muriel Fuhrer.

"There is so much power in finding a way to earn a good income for your family while meeting your creative interests and serving your community as a whole. Today’s guest, Joan Arwa Ogwang is the perfect example of this. In this episode of Next Economy Now, Joan tells us all about her incredible Solarfire project. "

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From Kisumu workshop to the well prepared grounds of Don Bosco Institute in Kakuma, Kenya, a solar oven and 3 cookers were well received, assembled and they boast fully lined up together with the previously installed oven ready to continue serving the local Don Bosco Institute. To continue (...)

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The bottom line of the training is that these girls would be able to open up their own businesses managed by themselves. By doing so, by becoming active sustainable entrepreneurs, the hope is that their problems of dependency and idleness would end. There are people who have been able to see (...)

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"NeoLoco est le pionnier de la torréfaction solaire en Europe, et de la boulangerie solaire. Aujourd’hui de nombreux artisans Français et étrangers viennent se former chez NeoLoco."

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