Posted 8 July 2021 by Muriel Fuhrer.

"Arnaud Crétot était ingénieur. La voilà aujourd’hui boulanger et torréfacteur." (print)

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A big big thank you to all those who have supported this campaign in one way or another. This raised budget will allow to build the 2 Lytefire solar ovens in Kenya and refresh one existing one, to give one to Joan who lives nearby, to send one to Hashimu who is in Tanzania and another one to (...)

3 November

Arnaud cuit son pain et torréfie des graines avec un four solaire

10 October

Avec la low-tech, penser et agir par-delà la technique

6 October

"Afrikka ponnistaa kohti kiertotaloutta"

24 September

"Les Fours solaires pour certaines activités professionnelles"

6 September

Thanks to the patient work of Arnaud, Elise, Benoist, Maxence and Loïc, three new French entrepreneurs decided to start using the Lytefire Deluxe manufactured in France to power their activity. They have been inspired by NeoLoco, Arnaud’s solar bakery, and by Lydiane and Manu, who have been the (...)

29 August