Reporterre le quotidien de l’écologie

Posted 3 July 2021 by Muriel Fuhrer.

"Ce boulanger normand cuit son pain... à l’énergie solaire"

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"Afrikka ponnistaa kohti kiertotaloutta"

24 September

"Les Fours solaires pour certaines activités professionnelles"

6 September

Thanks to the patient work of Arnaud, Elise, Benoist, Maxence and Loïc, three new French entrepreneurs decided to start using the Lytefire Deluxe manufactured in France to power their activity. They have been inspired by NeoLoco, Arnaud’s solar bakery, and by Lydiane and Manu, who have been the (...)

29 August

With the title of this post, I refer to Marie NDiaye’s book, Three Strong Women (2009), which is telling the story of three heroines between France and Senegal. It is proven: powerful stories and visions can change the world. Let’s only remember the Civil Rights movement in the US or the raise of (...)

22 July

Focus entrepreneurs – A professional solar oven, Lytefire

27 June

Help Joan, Hashimu and Allen to inspire their local communities by harnessing the power of the sun and creating sustainable bakeries! Feeding their community without polluting or deforesting is what Joan, Hashimu and Allen choose to do in order to fight the intensity and acceleration of (...)

17 June