Solarpreneurs: a new generation of entrepreneurs

We call "solarpreneurs" those who use Lytefire to power their activity. Those who decide to be in harmony with the rhythm of the sun, who embody the idea of circular and local, and make it a point to live coherently with their values.

Nature lovers, artisans concerned about the environment and their carbon footprint, they have adopted Lytefire to power their businesses.

Throughout their journey, the solarpreneurs are supported by the Solar Fire team and our French partners who have elaborated a full guide to help the future solarpreneurs take the plunge into sustainability. Arnaud also offers training days with the solar bakery NeoLoco in France.

Solarpreneurs around the world

Arnaud Crétot, solar baker and seeds roaster with NeoLoco in Normandy, North West France

An engineer by training, Arnaud was actively involved in the development of the Lytefire in emerging markets until he decided to adopt it himself and develop a business model for France with NéoLoco. After his training in baking, he explored all the possibilities of the Lytefire in the Normand climate and bakes sufficient quantities of bread to live by it. Additionally, he adds a production of incredibly tasty roasted seeds, gomasio and a locally sourced coffee alternative which he sells to small grocery stores.

Lydiane Tirel, Du Soleil et des Graines, East France

After studying tourism and after taking a few beautiful trips, Lydiane decided to embark on a professional activity more in line with her values. By roasting seeds (as locally sourced as possible) according to flavorful recipes, she perfumes the entire garden and delights lovers of good local products. The products created by Lydiane are already presents in more than 50 shops and markets.
What Lydiane was looking for was above all the freedom and comfort of life that allowed her to spend as much time as possible with her 2 kids and her husband. She succeeded!

Didier Ménard, L’Atelier Bélénos in West France

Atelier Bélénos was created in Brittany, France, by Didier Ménard. "Bélénos" stands for the Gallic god of sun and health. The owner has a background of generalist engineer and is a former project manager in the cosmetics industry. Didier started the production around March 2022 and the marketing from mid-May. He solar makes cereal bars and roasted seeds for salads. He already has a dozen retailers.

Joan Arwa, Solar Fire Bakery in Kenya

Joan lives in Kenya. She works in telecommunications and is passionate about the environment. She knows that change is coming and that the Lytefire is a real opportunity for her country. She decided to follow Arnaud’s model and started her Solar Fire Bakery business in Kisumu a few days a week. She offers tasty cookies, cakes and other eco-friendly treats.

Céline Puech, Solé B’Rayon in West France

Based in Normandy, in the Pays de Bray, Céline Puech launched Solé B’Rayon this summer. Céline has matured her project for a long time. With her Lytefire, she plans to create her own cereal bars as well as roasted seed mixes to replace crisps and peanuts for appetizers.

Michel Mouillé, Idee d’en Faire, Central France

Michel Mouillé is an environmental education trainer. He discovered the Lytefire thanks to NéoLoco and, as he was already offering courses and training focused on alternative cooking solutions with Idée d’en Faire, he was immediately interested. After several visits to the solar bakery, he decided to get his Lytefire Deluxe. He finds it "easy to use and quick to handle". He will soon start roasting his seeds and offer a local coffee. raise people’s awareness of the challenges of solar cooking.

Prudence and the Nebbi solar bakery, North Uganda

After a training organized by the NGO Plan International and Solar Fire’s team, Prudence and her friends were so passionate by baking with the Lytefire 5 that they kept going with learning and marketing their recipes. People like their products and come sometimes from miles away to buy their bread or order occasion cakes for birthdays, graduations or weddings.

Allen Odongo, Central Uganda

This man is probably one of the most powerful ambassadors of the Lytefire. He’s 74 years old spent is entire life in baking industry in Ouganda and UK. He started cooperating on humanitarian projects in East Africa as baker trainer. In his home town Lira, he runs a small bakery and owns his solar oven thanks to a crowdfunding campaign. With the savings on the energy bill, he’s planning to buy some land.

Les Vagabonds de l’énergie, in Normandy, France

The "Vagabonds de l’énergie" is an association educating on the energy transition. They encourage citizen’s dynamics through dialogue and popular education. Their actions resolve around two tracks: Firstly, trips to study energy solutions all over the world, understanding their social and environmental impacts. And secondly, educational actions in order to make people want to act on the energy transition.

Since September 2020, the association has been using a Lytefire in Normandy during many workshops in schools and for the general public. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness about appropriate technology, renewable energies and sustainable food, with 100% Normand solar baked cookies!

Luc Fournaux, Comptoir d’Hélios, South France

Luc Fournaux is a serial entrepreneur! Already manager of a tourist activity in the south of France, he is an eager innovator and he fell in love with the Lytefire. Luc has been the first convinced of the enormous potential of this type of product in his region. With Le Comptoir d’Hélios, he now roasts his seeds and offers his recipes to his touristic clients as well as in the farmers markets of the region. Running two activities simultaneously is no easy task, but it is a superb synergy that benefits both of his businesses.

First pioneer: David Chepkwone in Kenya

It was an exciting moment when David pulled out the first batch of freshly baked muffins from his Lytefire 5 Oven. This was back in 2016, for a project with World Vision in Kenya, and David used the oven daily for years before moving on to a new job elsewhere. Before using Lytefire 5, David was baking with an electric oven given by World Vision and with charcoal.

Before working with the Lytefire 5, David used to spend money on electricity and charcoal. But the grid was so bad that he couldn’t develop his business properly. When the power was out he couldn’t bake, and with charcoal his product would be low-quality and his profit margins would be slim. With the launch of his solar bakery, David has been able to reduce his fuel costs and increase his output! The shiny Lytefire 5 also attracted many visitors to his rural bakery, and so he decided to open up a small cafe to sell snacks and beverages to the interested crowd.

With a clean energy source adapted to his needs, David had the opportunity to be a creative and productive baker as long as he wanted to. His enthusiasm has been such a great inspiration for us!

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