They are a new kind of entrepreneur. Those who decide to be in harmony with the rhythm of the sun, who embody the idea of local and make it a point of honor to live coherently with their values.

Nature lovers, concerned about the environment and their carbon footprint, they have adopted Lytefire to power their businesses.

Throughout their journey, the French solarpreneurs are supported by the Solar Fire France team. Elise, an entrepreneur from the industrial sector, and Maxence, a marketing maverick, with their team, have developed a comprehensive guide to help you take the plunge into sustainability. Arnaud offers training days. If you’re based in France or around you even have the option of renting a Lytefire if you’d like to try it out and see how it can help you make your dreams come true before you take the leap and order it!

Solarpreneurs around the world

Arnaud Crétot, baker and seed roaster in Normandy, North West France

An engineer by training, Arnaud was actively involved in the development of the Lytfire in emerging markets until he decided to adopt it himself and develop a business model for France. After his training in baking, he explored all the possibilities of the Lytefire in the Norman climate and bakes sufficient quantities of bread to live by it. Additionally, he adds a production of incredibly tasty roasted seeds, gomasio and a locally sourced coffee alternative which he sells to small grocery stores.

Joan Awa, baking activity in Kisumu, Kenya

Joan lives in Kenya. She works in telecommunications and is passionate about the environment. She knows that change is coming and that the Lytefire is a real opportunity for her country. She decided to follow Arnaud’s model and start her business in Kisumu. Business creation is underway and will offer tasty cookies, cakes and other eco-friendly treats.

Luc Fournaux, seed roaster at Barcarès, South France

Serial entrepreneur, Luc Fournaux has entrepreneurship in his blood! Already manager of a tourist activity in the south of France, an eager innovator, he fell in love with the Lytefire and the profession of Arnaud in Normandy, and became convinced of the enormous potential of this type of product in his Catalan region. With “Helios’ Counter”, he now roasts his seeds and offers his recipes to his touristic clients as well as in the farmers markets of the region.
Running two activities simultaneously is no easy task, but it is a superb synergy that benefits both of his businesses.

Lydiane Tirel, roaster of seeds in Pilat, East France

After studying tourism and after taking a few beautiful trips, Lydiane decided to embark on a professional activity more in line with her values. By roasting seeds (as locally sourced as possible) according to flavorful recipes, she perfumes the entire garden and delights lovers of good local products. The products created by “Sun & Seeds” are already present in many local markets thanks to a whole partner network: a large cooperative in the Rhône-Alpine region.
What Lydiane was looking for was above all the freedom and comfort of life that allowed her to spend as much time as possible with her 2-year-old son and her husband. She succeeded!

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