Our Gift to the World: The Lytefire Construction Guide Available Now!

Posted 24 December 2019 by Urs Riggenbach.

Today we release the Lytefire 4 Construction Guide to help solve the climate change crisis. It is immediately available for free on the Lytefire.com Website.

After years behind the screen, in the field, working with entrepreneurs to develop solar technology that brings value to people and impact to the planet, we are really happy and grateful we can share this gift with you.

We invite you to build, use, and share. We are here and we will continue on this path, working with users, entrepreneurs, investors, sponsors and education partners - it will take all of us to spread solar energy in the limited time we have to avoid catastrophic climate change.

With the Lytefire 4 construction guide available for free, we allow anyone in the world to build our technology and start using solar energy at a fraction of the cost of other energy sources. We intend to release a lot more construction guides and educational material for entrepreneurs as we continue on this path.

But that’s not all! With the release of the Lytefire 4 construction guide we are also launching the Lytefire campaign to bring to market the Lytefire 5, our most powerful solar concentrator for entrepreneurs. We are also calling on investors and sponsors to join the effort to spread solar energy through product sales, open source construction guides and education. If you want to collaborate with us - check out the different options on Lytefire.com and get in touch with us!

We are immensely grateful to have reached this point. Our belief that solar energy could not only be good in itself but inspire a more sustainable society as a whole is what brought our team together. Knowledge is the most fundamental approach to empowering people, and free knowledge means it can spread wide and fast. We want to thank all our partners, supporters and investors who have supported us over the years. Without you, we would not have reached this milestone. Thank you all!

Learn more and get involved: www.Lytefire.com


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