Kenya Scale-Up

Fabricating at the local level to empower entrepreneuts




Project Overview

One of the most exciting things about Lytefire is that it can be built with materials that are available anywhere on the globe. After travelling and building in diverse environments in Mexico, Cuba, Nepal, India, Switzerland, Finland, Kenya, Uganda, the Amazon, the Philippines ...we can really say it can be built (almost) anywhere. Using simple materials already stocked en masse around the world also means that there are no material bottnenecks to scaled Lytefire production.


In Kenya we have been working with team member Jared since 2016 when we started the first pilots there. Now with successful entrepreneurs in the field it’s time to scale production, supply to interested entrepreneuts, NGOs and into larger educational programmes we are developing with our partners.


To support our scale-up, we now offer climate bonds that enable us to invest in the production capacity in Kenya and empower more entrepreneurs. Learn more about the climate bonds here:


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Climate Bonds:

  • Finance the creation of construction guides
  • Climate Victory Bond is repayed after 4 years of consecutive global decrease in green house gas emmissions.
  • 0% interest

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Which entrepreneurs willing to go solar are you going to support today?

Lytefire solar concentrators can replace firewood, charcoal and fossils.
The solar concentrator enables income-generating activities for entrepreneurs.

Burkina Faso: create a solar bakery

Support a rural bakery switching from daily firewood burning to clean solar energy! Support Adama and Issaka’s solar bakery project.

Burkina Faso: support women empowerment

Crowdfund a local solar bakery owned by the Ghoghin Women’s Group. They want to improve livelihoods and reduce emissions.

Check how we support entrepreneurs

With this 2min video you’ll see how we have been supporting entrepreneurs so far to make their living with clean energy.