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Our team is implementing projects with NGO’s since 2016. We have been working in a dozen countries in East and West Africa, Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

Lots of people in the Global South are still off grid and will probably not get a good electric grid before we solve global warming. Natural disasters are also putting the grids at risk. And in almost every country, there is an economical and social crisis. Lytefire is a powerful clean energy solution for vulnerable populations.

For NGO’s and government agencies, we offer the Lytefire 5 made in Kenya at €4400 (excl. tax and shipping). Please check the Kenyan site to read more about this fantastic energy solution.

The training we have created helps vulnerable people create sustainable jobs to reduce deforestation and create local wealth. We combine installation of Lytefire solar ovens with hands-on training. After a training, the local groups can start a solar food processing activity.

When implemented in the field by our trainers or by one of your team members thanks to the At-Distance Training of Trainer program, a group of 10-12 motivated people can be created with each training.

Their training is 3 weeks and the group can learn more about their Lytefire, cover the basis of entrepreneurship and all the delicious solar baking recipes that have been elaborated with the bakers we’re working with.

Documentation and tutorials, hands-on exerices are tailored to the participants in order to make each project a success.

Associations, NGO’s and Government Agencies can include this approach in their livelihood programs.

To read more about the different level of impact the Lytefire can have and our educational model, check the Impact page and all our previous projects with NGO’s and associations.

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